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Why is Art Important

Rahul Thadani
Many people often wonder why art is important, and the truth is that there is no simple answer to this. Art exists in our life in many different forms, and impacts our character and development in numerous ways.
There is no clear and unambiguous answer to this question, simply because there is no clear definition of the term 'Art'. There are a lot of areas of expertise and hobbies that can be included under art, like literature, music, painting, sculpting, and many more; and it is interesting to note that these are all areas that require some form of creative output from the artist.
Society recognizes an artist as someone who is performing some creative task that is remotely related to academic studies and intellectual pursuit, but this is a misconception that has been allowed to develop over time.
After all, great scientists and inventors of the past were all artists in their own right, and deserve this tag as much as anyone else does. Thus, the importance of art education and its reach cannot be underestimated at any point in time.

The Artist Within

In some ways, there is certainly an inner artist within all of us. This holds true because every single individual possesses that one skill, or area of interest, that he or she can express better than others.
If this area of interest is followed by passion and the right kind of training, a full-fledged and lucrative career can be carved out of it. There are many people who follow such instincts, because it gives one the platform to create something that is appreciated by one and all, and is remembered for a long time.
Art gives an individual the freedom of expression, and allows him or her to pursue those thoughts and actions that bring mental peace. Most people do not even realize their skills and fascination until it is too late.
By encouraging people, especially children, to communicate their imagination into something visual and tangible, we are opening up new doors of possibility to them.
Today, when we think about the most lucrative and loved professions, one of the first things that come to mind is movies and the media in general. This is merely a form of visual art, where the vision of the creator is being portrayed to millions of people around the world.
And people pay millions of dollars to watch these visuals because it appeals to them. In a sense, almost everyone loves to see these visuals as it appeals to them completely.

Why is Art Important in Education

Education is another area where the presence of arts and crafts is more than welcome. If children realize the importance of art and creativity from a young age, they can grow up to be more confident, more creative, and definitely more mature.
Schools are the breeding grounds for future painters and movie makers, and these arts should be encouraged wholesomely in such an environment.
Sadly, many parents do not understand the importance of art for children, and subconsciously force them to follow career paths that are orthodox and conformist in nature.
This is fair enough in its own way, because the world does need some standard blue collar and white collar jobs to continue its existence; but this is a choice that children should be allowed to make for themselves. The doors to creativity and expression must not be shut in their faces, even if it comes at a cost of making more money.
To put it more scientifically, here are some benefits of art activities.
  • Exposure to art, music and drawings at an early age improves the amount of brain activity in children.
  • It increases the span of knowledge in the minds of children, thus making them sharper and more educated.
  • It builds up the levels of self-confidence, self-esteem, motivation, cooperation and communication in children.
  • It helps children understand other people's opinions and point of view as well.
  • It helps them sharpen their problem solving skills, decision-making and gives them the possibility of really exploring their imaginations.
So in a way, art is as important as academics in the building up of our characters. Moreover, it aids us in expressing ourselves better, and communicating our ideas and opinions more effectively.